Dr Michele Ufer - Speaker, sports psychologist, extreme runner

Dr Michele Ufer – the man with many talents: conscientious researcher, passionate runner, captivating speaker, experienced coach.

Be inspired by his stories and knowledge. Discover your mental strengths and limit skills together with him.


Vitamin M

Treat yourself with vitamin M: motivation, mental strength, magical moments of success à la Michele Ufer. It does you good. It’s fun. It works. It’s been thoroughly tried and tested. Here you can find unusual programs that can take you to your limits and beyond.

Michele Ufer is a profound expert and speaker in sports psychology

— Ludger Gebhardt

Team Manager at Konica Minolta

Michele Ufer brings us precisely to the point where we all want to be. In the flow.

— Karl Egloff

Mountain guide & skyrunning world record holder

An extraordinary sports psychologist and ultra-long distance runner

— Prof. Dr. Oliver Stoll

Martin-Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg

What an exceptional man!

— Katrin Niemeyer


My mental work has taken me to a level that I never before thought possible, not just when running.

— Moritz-Jan Schütze

Universitätsklinikum Münster


TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, online

Dr Michele Ufer is regularly requested to participate in expert interviews on the subjects of psychology, flow, mental training, endurance and extreme sports.

You will find a number of press reports here.

Dr Michele Ufer

Speaker, coach, extreme athlete

Creating leeway where others see limits. That’s my passion. Increasing performance to achieve peak performance is always an experience of limits. How can we shift or overcome our (performance) limits and push forward into new areas? Make the impossible possible? Reach challenging goals more effectively? All whilst staying healthy even in the long term?

Together with athletes, managers and other high performers, I develop tailor-made answers to these questions and provide support as they are implemented in everyday life.

Dr Michele Ufer

Would you like to find out more or are you interested in a lecture, workshop or coaching session? Great. Dr Michele Ufer is looking forward to hearing from you.

Current topics

Dr. Michele Ufer hält 2 Sportpsychologie-Vorträge beim 15th FEPSAC European Congress of Sport and Exercise psychology
25.05.2019 22:17

Am 15.-20.07.2019 findet in Münster der "15th FEPSAC European Congress of Sport and Exercise psychology" statt. Dr. Michele Ufer hält im Rahmen des wissenschaftlichen Programms zwei Vorträge aus der Welt des Extrem- und Spitzensports.

25.05.2019 22:17
Motivation, Führung, Kommunikation im Spitzensport | Dr. Michele Ufer
25.05.2019 22:17

Dr. Michele Ufer hat in der GIO Zeitschrift für Organisationspsychologie einen Beitrag über das Team- und Führungscoaching einer Nationalmannschaft mit dem Ziel der Motivations- und Leistungssteigerung veröffentlicht.

25.05.2019 22:17
Interview mit Dr. med. Karsten Henkel über Depression & Burnout | LIMIT SKILLS. Die eigenen Grenzen respektieren, testen, überwinden | Dr. Michele Ufer, Speaker, Sportpsychologe, Extremläufer
25.05.2019 22:17

Was genau ist was? Wer ist besonders gefährdet und warum? Woran können wir erkennen, ob man selbst oder jemand anderes betroffen bzw. gefährdet ist? Welche Möglichkeiten der Prophylaxe bieten sich an? Ein Interview mit Dr. med. Karsten Henkel.

25.05.2019 22:17

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Speaker, coach and best-selling author Dr Michele Ufer is an internationally recognised expert in sports and management psychology and also a successful ultramarathon runner.

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